Bobby Oroza

August 30, 2024
  • Venue: Pyrenees Cafe & Saloon
  • Address: 601 Sumner St.
  • Time: 7:00PM-11:00PM




with special guest The McCharmlys and Bakersfield Locals La Marcha

Listen to Bobby and McCharmlys

After years of grinding as a sideman in the Finnish music scene, Bobby Oroza has stepped up to make his voice heard. Always with an air of crude romanticism, Bobby pushes towards an expression transcending the borders of soul and rock balladry. His dark and intimate debut single ”This Love” didn’t take long to reach the ears and hearts of a worldwide soul music community and is already a proper classic amongst the lowrider and soul collector scenes. Bobby was born in Helsinki, Finland into a family of musicians and artists. During frequent family parties Bobby ´s Bolivian grandfather would pick up a guitar and sing Latin canciones and Cuban classics. Bobby ´s mother is a singer and his father a gypsy-style jazz guitarist. All his siblings work in show business and music. As a kid, Bobby was lucky to grow up surrounded by his parents’ record collection which included early jazz and blues, Motown hits, gospel ensembles, and doo-wop groups like The Drifters and The Clovers. The Soul records were balanced out by Brazilian ones, African ones, his mother’s collection of North and South American folk songs, and Nuyorican Salsa albums. All of these influences show up in Bobby’s music

Tickets Available:

$28.50 - General Admission
$39.50 - VIP Front Room